CCN presents GOING DEEP with Mel Ve & Hope Moore


hosted by Hope Moore and Mel Ve.
Hope Girl hosts a touching show digging deep into the world of Mel Ve, in order to explain much of what has transpired in the world of FREE & INDEPENDENT media

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CCN is a totally FREE & INDEPENDENT MEDIA network that hosts a variety of shows on a number of different topics, from some of the most interesting and profound people who are all in pursuit of a free, fair, just, sustainable world.

from Hope Moore
There are many sides to CCN we want you to know about! This media platform, and the work of these two amazing people has not gone unnoticed. We’ll be doing a full run down of their extensive history in this field and you’ll learn things about CCN that will amaze you, very much like it amazed me.
We’ll also be clearing the air around some of the controversy that has come up in recent months around the network and some of the expose’s that have rocked our world in 2015. Like wise, in true “truth warrior” style we will be doing some more exposing on this show around some recent events.
Plus we’ve got some exciting announcements to share, which includes a possible re-location of CCN headquarters to Morocco. CCN is not alone, Fix the World stands by them and we ask you to join us in our efforts. If it wasn’t for platforms like CCN we wouldn’t have the kind of grassroots movement power we need to have our voices heard and fight the corruption in our world. This is more important than we even realize.