CCN6September was a most productive month here at CCN, and we thank all the amazing broadcasters and their guests for creating some great content, and a special thanks to all the viewers and contributors.  We have had a record month in terms of growth, and we hope to continue to expand our network on multiple levels.  CCN is a totally experimental project, and to be honest, we are ever so grateful that we are still here and going strong.  We operate a policy of complete honesty and transparency with regards to our operating polices, whilst being accountable for our actions.  In order to remain professional and in integrity, we present our end of Third Quarter Review for 2016, which shows the consistent growth of CCN throughout this year:

CCN’s CONSCIOUS COMMUNITIES is in the process of developing a self sustaining community here in Europe.  A location has been found, but will remain a secret until we are ready to launch the project, and the media to accompany it.  The CCN Team is really excited about this project, as it will bring together some interesting people, and we look forward to taking all that we have learned, and developing those principles in practical application.   This is a project that will grow and expand as we connect with other communities around the world, and work with organisations such as the Venus Project, to eventually bring about the change we so desperately need from a grass roots level within small communities.


In our attempts to create a better world, sometimes it is the simplest acts that initiate the greatest rewards.  We never underestimate the value of bringing a group of people together to collaborate in creating a project, and we have been ever so blessed with the opportunity to work with the Venus Project’s international group of volunteers and Points of Contact, in the creation of authentic and informative media content.  The Venus Project broadcasts on Wednesdays at 9pm BST.  If you have missed any of the broadcasts from September, feel free to visit the archive at the link:

investigative journalism

This September we saw the 15th anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York and the Pentagon.  Since 11 September 2001, there has been much disinformation put out to cover up what really happened on that day.  Mel Ve got a chance to catch up with Dr. Judy Wood & Andrew Johnson on her show OPEN DISCLOSURE, to discuss the evidence, and what the evidence is telling us.  For those who missed this, this is one not to be ignored! Link to archive below:

OPEN DISCLOSURE will be a regular interview series hosted on CCN, but will not feature every week.  Being an Investigative Journalism type show, it is often necessary to be selective about the which information to broadcast, and thus, OPEN DISCLOSURE will feature on CCN as and when there is important or relevant information that needs to be disclosed.


There has been so much disinformation floating around the online world, that it has been almost paralysing to the cause.  Always, it is important to maintain strong principles and interpersonal ethics, whilst still remaining fair in our approach to the information.  CCN runs a Journalism Academy for New Paradigm media, which provides strong training and gives clear guidelines to assist one navigate the mine field of the information war.  On a broadcast of NO HOLDING BACK, a show Mel Ve hosts along side her co host Hope Girl, Mel discussed some of the more important principles of ethical journalism, as well as providing tips on what to look out for, and how to know where to get your information, by ensuring those who put that information out, are themselves following some form of recognisable  ethics.  We have all seen recent examples of how damaging false information can be to the lives of people.  For those who missed the archive, the link is below.  Do take some time to consider where you get your information, and just how those you get your information from, go about getting their information.  Here are some key pointers:

For those wishing to keep up with the goings on behind the scenes of CCN, feel free to check out WAX LYRICAL, where CCN’s Creative Director, Mel Ve, discusses all the behinds the scenes trials and triumphs, as the CCN Team continue to navigate the cosmic gauntlet that is FREE & INDEPENDENT media.  For those wishing to catch up with previous episode of WAX LYRICAL, follow the link:

dragonology artwork by Empower Media

The CCN Team keep getting repeated requests to bring back the DRAGONOLOGY series, and we thought that perhaps we would be able to produce season 3 during 2016, however it is most likely that DRAGONOLOGY season 3 will return only in 2017, due to the fact that DRAGONOLOGY creator Mel Ve, has spent most of this year compiling book I of the DRAGONOLOGY series called SPELL BREAKER.   The first book of the DRAGONOLOGY series will be available online in eBook format in October 2016.  For more information regarding DRAGONOLOGY, please check out the website:



This month we welcome Brigitte Mega to the CCN France team.  Brigitte’s show is called ‘Couleurs de l’âme’ meaning ‘Colors of the Soul’, which broadcasts on Thursdays at 9pm BST.


Conscious Consumer Network is always looking for media content to broadcast.  Full technical training and assistance is provided to ensure a stress free output of media content.

journalismeacadamyJOURNALISM ACADEMY:

For one on one training from some of the most experienced people in the world of media, this is training unlike anything you have ever known.  Learn the secrets of discernment, with valuable and practical skills in communication dynamics of media.  Areas of learning development include:

– The Fundamental Orientation–Deprogramming from the Matrix

– Preparation and Organisation–Personal, Interpersonal and Online management

– Research, Search & Investigation techniques

– Production– filming, editing, voicing, sound tracking.

– Online digital media management, social media and You Tube

– Presenting skills for LIVE broadcasting

– Website building, hosting, development, population, and Search Engine Optimisation.

– Online, interpersonal / business & journalistic ethics

– Statistics monitoring and assessment

– Brand building and business application

– Commercial Infrastructure

– Public Relations Management

Course graduates may be given the chance of hosting their own LIVE show on Conscious Consumer Network.


Creative & Journalistic writing techniques for articles, reports and documentaries.


CCN Media provide services in web design, web building, secure web hosting, content management, creative writing, video editing, new paradigm business & project management.  Book a FREE consultation with the CCN Media Management team, to discuss your needs and options.

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