It seems like 2017 has gotten off to an interesting start with some amazing content making its way onto Conscious Consumer Network. There has certainly been no shortage of mind bending and reality altering information, brought forth by our dedicated team of international broadcasters.


yostw-fb-banner-1The children are our future which is why we are so delighted to have a brand new show dedicated to the youth called YOUTH ON SUBJECTS OF THE WORLD. In each episode, a panel of home schooled, world schooled and self directed learner youths tackle various subjects that are relevant to our present times. This energetic and insightful look at the world through such vibrant kids really gives one hope for the world.
YOUTH ON SUBJECTS OF THE WORLD will be broadcasting LIVE as often as possible on Mondays at 9pm GMT.

Joanne LomaxA very big welcome to Joanne Lomax who has joined the CCN team with her fantastic new show called RECLAIMING PERCEPTION which airs on Thursdays at 10pm GMT.


The French team is joined by the delightful Patricia Saugy who has been a massive hit with the French viewing audience in her short time with CCN. Patricia’s show is called Sortez de la dépendance affective… et déployez vos ailes, and broadcasts live at 6pm GMT on Thursdays.

A big welcome to Elishael who will be hosting “À TON LE MONDE ENTRE NOS MAINS?” which is a new French show on Wednesdays at 9pm GMT



A big thank you to the extended team of CCN broadcasters, it is always great to work with people dedicated to the betterment of the human condition. Thank you for being you, and for caring enough to put your face and name out there. It takes an immense amount of courage to make something like this work, and indeed, only a few survive the purification fire of FREE & INDEPENDENT MEDIA.


The beginning of 2017 has been some of the most challenging times we have faced here at CCN, with the usual attempts to stop us from educating people as to the true nature of our reality. There have been some pretty desperate attempts to tug and pull and the infrastructure of the network by various parties, and indeed, we have even had incursions right on our door step, including the cutting of our internet line right outside the CCN studio premises. This act of criminal damage caused CCN to go down for the first week of February. Such acts of sabotage against the network, right on the studio doorstep, has really brought home the reality of the impact that CCN is having on the dark forces of the world.

The beginning of this year has also seen the necessary evolutionary ebb and flow of broadcasters and content, as we continue to always work towards serving the greater good. Sometimes that means having to be honest about what works and what does not work, which is where the courage of one’s conviction can be tested. It is always a challenge to remain empathetic and compassionate, without allowing emotions to cloud one’s judgement. But wishing always to remain ever true to the founding principles of Conscious Consumer Network, we have had to make some very challenging decisions about certain content and broadcasters, for the greater good of the network.

The purpose of New Paradigm Media is that of education, NOT of indoctrination and / or distraction, rather we at CCN aim to provide truthful, practical and relevant information to the world, so that we can assist in helping people understand the true nature of our reality, and to seek solutions to create a better world.

For those who try to stop us, please ask yourself why you are doing this? Do you not care about the world we live in? CCN is dedicated to creating a fair, peaceful, just, sustainable world. This is the energy with which CCN was created, and it remains the fundamental orientation with which we navigate this cosmic gauntlet of constant challenge that we as a collective network are constantly faced with.

CCN is now well into the third year of running, having produced over 2000 shows since the launch of the network on 1 January 2015. This has been an epic journey of discovery for the entire extended CCN family, as we have engaged the creative flow of positive intent of seeking freedom from the system that enslaves us. Our desire is no other than to allow each and every person on earth to fulfil the unlimited potential, with complete abundance and support, and with complete acceptance and tolerance for one another, whilst also creating and implementing an honourable code of interpersonal and infrastructural ethics in an ever evolving world.

This of course is no easy task, and we are always up against challenges. How we have survived for so long in the capacity that we have is due to the fact that we have learned through much self discipline that if you keep your vibrational frequency high, and don’t allow yourself to be dragged down to the low vibrational levels of destructive entities and people, you can survive, thrive and make a difference on what ever level you choose to. The only thing that stops us from doing this is our own state of mind. Always we wish to remain in a space of integrity, but that does not mean we do not make mistakes, for how else would we learn and grow if we did not?

Having worked with people from so many different vast and challenging backgrounds, thus rendering forth varying and extreme personality types, we have learned so much in terms of what is beneficial for the world, and what only causes more damage, harm and confusion to peoples’ collective psyches. Having truly examined and studied the patterns of behaviour, cross references with an observation of intent and output of creative capacities, there have been clear and distinct patterns that have emerged, which to be honest, are not at all surprising, but only present clear evidence to back up what we already know deep down inside to be true, which can be defined thusly: People fit into two categories; they are either part of the problem or part of the solution, and being part of the solutions also means they are taking action within their own lives, they are not just using media to create an external locus of identity to create some form of self validation.

Always we aim to keep the purity of the intent behind CCN intact, which as stated in the operational policies, includes the fact that we do NOT promote, nor do we engage in iconoclastic idolatry or celebrity culture. Always we promote the maxim that all people deserve to thrive and explore their fullest capacities and not limited by lack and scarcity which only exists when a controlling few control the resources leaving half the population of the planet living in poverty. For us to create this transformational shift of power, we need to understand that power is in fact only energy, and thus, we need a radical overhaul of the way we direct our energies, being conscious that we are not inadvertently creating those energy usurping idols that we ought to be tearing down. We are all on this planet together, and only through conscious collaboration will we ever stand a chance of gaining the freedom that humanity so desperately deserves.

Conscious Consumer Network is a publicly funded collaborative network, which provides all broadcasts to the public FREE of charge, as CCN was founded on the principle that information is the common heritage of all beings, not just the exclusive intellectual property of the few who can afford it. CCN is a fully functional, successful project, NOT just some idea or proposal with the hopes of getting off the ground. Indeed, CCN is one of the very few projects that actually work, and we have an impressive track record, having lasted longer than any comparative network of this kind, and having produced more content than any comparable network in the world of FREE & INDEPENDENT MEDIA. This is largely down to skilful project, budget management, and the constant dedication of the CCN founders Biggi & Mel, who sacrifice much and suffer much duress for their tireless efforts.

ccn-2017-artworkThe CCN team is currently raising funds to pay for the costs of maintaining the infrastructure of CCN, including the payment for the secure server, necessary repairs to hardware, and various software upgrades. Please support our FUNDING CAMPAIGN

Conscious Consumer Network is always looking for beautiful souls wishing to consciously collaborate.


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dragonology-season-3Season 3 of DRAGONOLOGY has certainly been educational as we have deep and far back in time to explore lost and unknown worlds. For those wishing to show support for the amazing research of Dragonologist and CCN co-founder Mel Ve, please download a copy of her book DRAGONOLOGY book I – SPELL BREAKER from

Check out episode 6 to see Mel Ve’s big reveal on the oldest and largest ancient advanced civilization to have yet been identified.

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Peace Love Unity Respect

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