Seeking balance is an eternal struggle, considering how out of balance the whole world is. Many endure the stress of work situations, whilst the unemployed endure the stress of making ends meet. One of the most stressful things one can undertake, is a groundbreaking project with minimal resources as we have done with CCN. Seeking balance has become a constant endeavor, and I have learned that it is not just about one thing or the other, it needs to be an all encompassing pursuit if one is ever to be firmly grounded and in balance at times when it is most needed. It is not just a spiritual, mental or emotional thing, it has been a physical and environmental balancing too, which has greatly enhanced our ability to live harmoniously.


Taking on the awesome responsibility of running an international LIVE broadcast network, we have had to face many challenges that needed to be dealt with from a very balanced perspective. There is always drama to deal with, as that is just what you should expect when working in the world of media. Trying to keep that crucially balanced perspective at all times, is a constant challenge, but one I have realized is critical to presenting fair and unbiased information, and in being fair in one’s dealings with others involved in the project.


The perpetual pursuit of balance has manifested in some pretty interesting ways. The first aspect I will explore has been our attempts to live in balance with the world around us. There have been many small adjustments we have made in our day-to-day life which have assisted in our balancing our impact on our environment. Firstly, having to sell our car to keep this project afloat, has made us more reliant on getting around on foot and by tram. Fortunately in Holland, it is pretty flat, and there are always bike paths for cyclists. The cost of having a car in a city does not warrant the expenditure on parking, insurance, fines, not to mention the environmental impact from car fumes, when access to all things is so easy. One of the benefits of moving about on foot is that it has made us extremely fit.

In summer we took regular long walks in nature, and now that it is winter, I am doing daily yoga. Yoga in and of itself is about constantly seeking balance.


The other aspect that has been crucial to the balance aspect, has been bodily balance. This has ongoing and constant dedication to the raw food pursuit, whilst maintaining an alkaline diet in order to neutralize acidic toxins.   Never forget that cancer thrives in acidic body. It is not just the constant consumption of herbal teas, good quality water, and raw fruit and vegetables, which has contributed to the bodily balance, it is the elimination of chemicals and toxins in all forms, which means no or minimal sugar, wheat, meat, dairy, coffee and alcohol. Also, not taking pharmaceutical drugs, or drugs of any kind for that matter, which are pure toxins to the body. Smoking also acidifies the body, as does the consumption of carbonated drinks containing sugar or artificial sweeteners.


Most cosmetics contain many chemical compounds in them. The skin is the largest organ on the body, and will absorb up to 70% of what ever is put on it, directly to the blood stream. One need only ask yourself, “would you drink your body lotion?”

No, of course not, so why put it on your skin?

My champion product is a big jar of coconut oil. Having a love for coconut oil, which I use for a many different purposes including cooking, I make a facial and body scrub out of coconut oil and course ground sea salt. For brushing my teeth, I have eliminated fluoride-based toothpastes in favor of coconut oil and bicarbonate of soda.

Due to the antimicrobial properties of coconut oil, it is good to use on burns, cuts, abrasions and mild infections.

Coconut oil is also good for sunbathing instead of using toxic sunscreens. Many may think that this is not enough if one is very fair, as they may still burn in the middle of summer. This is where my Lycopene trick becomes useful. Lycopene is the red stuff in tomatoes, and regular / daily consumption of tomatoes creates a Lycopene barrier under the skin, which protects one from the sun like an under the skin sunscreen. Tomato sauce / ketchup, tomato paste or tomato juice will work just as effectively as consuming fresh tomatoes. In fact, tomatoes make up one of my 8 products I use, which are:




Coconut products including water, milk and oil.



Bicarbonate of soda / baking soda

Sea Salt

Rooibos tea


In 2016, CCN will be launching CCN LIFESTYLE and CONSCIOUS COMMUNITIES, which are shows both aimed at restoring a harmonious balance inside and out.


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Mel Ve