Mel Ve | Creative Director of CCN
2019 | MESSAGE from MEL VE | CCN CREATIVE DIRECTOR | 4 JANUARY 2019          It was in  2009, the year I turned 33, that I properly woke up.  This was the year that I started Freedom Central, and went on to work with some of the biggest names in the “Truth Movement”.  This was the year we gave up everything and took to a camper van, moving from one conference to the next, gathering interviews, and uploading them at coffee shops that had free internet.  It was also in 2009 that I became an activist, a move which has put me in danger at times, and cost me everything, including my health, my family, childhood friends, and my home on more than one occasion.  Many have asked me over the years, how I have managed to keep going, and my answer always has been that we have to create a better world for everybody, as we simply cannot hope to enjoy a free, fair, just, sustainable world, unless that is a realistic expectation for everybody, which means, we do what we do to create a better world for us all…    But over the years, I have become jaded and cynical.  Despite my best attempts to move in a more positive direction, I found myself being more and more disappointed and negged out by people in the supposed “Truth Movement”, not to mention the “Ignorati”.  However the most disappointing aspect has been the  people that I worked with who claim to have the same basic fundamental orientation as I do, being the creation of a free, fair, just, sustainable world, but really, they are more a part of the problem in many respects, than actually offering any form of solution or betterment for humankind.  I began to question why I was wasting my life, my health, and at times, even my sanity… why was I risking my life and everything precious to me, in an attempt to create a better world, for a largely misguided, misinformed, toxic, soul sick people.  After all these years, I have sadly have arrived at the conclusion that we as a society are too far gone to turn it around, and many of our attempts to do so have been thwarted by the powers that be, but even more disappointingly, by those we are trying to help.  What is even more heartbreaking to realise is that I have offered my platform and support to many supposed humanitarian organisations and causes, believing them to genuinely be contributing to creating solutions, with the great majority turning out to be nothing more than a money making opportunity, an outright scam, or a platform to further certain individuals’ self serving agendas, public profile and popularity, whist masquerading under the very thin pseudo veneer of humanitarianism and respectability.  And thus, it is with great relief that I have come to the decision that I will no longer be involved in any activities of activism, and I shall no longer promote or be involved with any projects other than those we create ourselves, and thus, have full control over.  We have put our name to too many projects and causes over the years, that have turned out to be nothing other than a disappointment.  Too many times I have had to apologise for my involvement with people and causes that were a total waste of time, and caused more damage than good.
In 2019, ten years on from when I made my decision to be in service to humanity after I felt called to do so, I am stepping out of that arena, and focussing on securing my longterm health, which has suffered under the duress of my activism.  This also means a change in direction for the media content we are responsible for producing, which will be orientated mostly to wellbeing, health and lifestyle content, rather than any focus being given to the doom and gloom of the world.  As my creation,  Conscious Consumer Network will mirror my personal evolution, and this move will also be reflected in the other projects we are involved with.
This year, I look forward to refocussing my efforts into finally completing the books I need to write, as I have lacked focus in getting them published due to my entanglement in lost causes.
At the end of it all, I have come to realise that we can’t change or save the world, but we certainly can work on making ourselves better, and that is what I am doing in 2019.  I am sorry if this comes as a disappointment to anybody, but I have given everything in service to humanity… now it is time to care for my family and my health, before it is too late.
Peace Love Unity Respect
Mel Ve