If 2015 has taught me anything; it is that the need for truly unbiased, well-researched journalism has never been more necessary, and more demanded. With the constant assaults on the intelligence in the form of instantly recognizable staged crisis situations, perpetuated as a methodology of manipulating humanity, all facilitated by main stream media, the world is crying out for savvy and methodical beings who are able to pick apart the pieces bit by bit, to expose the true nature of our reality.


CCN has given me the opportunity to have access to some of the savviest beings on the planet, and what an amazing learning experience this has been. This year has been one of exponential growth for both Biggi and I, as we have been subject to information download constantly, whilst maneuvering this project through the cosmic gauntlet of resource challenges, technical difficulties, distractions, disinformation, divisiveness and of course the pursuit of a better world, the latter being the toughest part of the gauntlet.


One of the most interesting experiences and lessons on one level, has been the deep and intense study into the nature of humanity, and why we are indeed in such a fallen state. I have come to realize that there are many on this road of seeking freedom and abundance, and deep down, everybody longs for this ideal to materialize, but most people actually lack the ability to deal with the reality of what it really takes to conclusively make a difference, or to even get such a far flung ideal over the finishing line. Most people just lack the tenacity to go beyond their little boxes of comfort, because in reality, that is far too much effort for them. It can be very frustrating seeing the way, and having to try and drag a pack of near enough rabid cats along with me, for that is how it has felt at times. It is not that I naturally gravitate to being any sort of leader, but somebody has to keep the ship on course, and it just seems as if nobody else has the strength or capability, or dedication to do so. These challenges have taught me many lessons about what really motivates people, and that eventually the very thin “save the world” pseudo veneer peels off to reveal the true face of ego, delusion and confusion, because deep down inside, they are just as confused as the rest. They don’t know any more or any less, they just talk a good talk, sometimes with great eloquence and fabulous branding, but ultimately, it is all about them. They don’t really care about the basics in terms of the building blocks that will more positively grow humanity, such as open and honest communication, integrity and respect. Indeed, these solipsistic narcissists are largely out to gather a cult like following whilst confusing and distracting them with the latest buzz topic about artificial intelligence, new earths, free money, or whatever.


Being along side my partner in crime, Biggi, we have had front row seats to a vast influx of information and experiences over the course of the last year.  I am ever so thankful for these experiences, for I am learning what works and what does not, and how to make difficult decisions with as much honor and integrity and I can. I do not always get it right, but if I did, there would be no mistakes for me to learn from, and no way to create a methodology of best practice.. Anybody that even knows me knows that I am in constant need of learning, always studying, always hatching a plan or idea… and thus, it is in this capacity that I continue on this journey of experiencing, learning, communicating, disseminating and creating an efficiently run network that is truly all about FREE & INDEPENDENT.


One of the greatest learning curves for me this year, is learning to stand up when I have a gut feeling that we are being led into distraction, division or hatred driven agendas, and not to give into emotional attachments to people, which is always a tough challenge for anybody.  Having followed and analysed many stories personally as a self directed learner / journalist, I have come to realise so much with relation to what I will and will not put my energy into.  I never want CCN and the amazing people who broadcast on the network, to be negatively effected by scams and schemes that end up hurting people in the long run.  We have been sucked in by so many charlatons in the past, that we must indeed learn from these lessons and focus on content that maintains the original intent of creating a FAIR, PEACEFUL, SUSTAINABLE world.  Many may already know my past involvement with various global groups and initiatives, which have all proven to be complete time wasters and energy drainers, with many good people getting badly hurt and affected in the long run.  I am not here to hurt people, or further confuse people.  That is not why CCN was created.  As a FREE & INDEPENDENT MEDIA platform, we have the unique task of being able to explore all stories that peek our interest, but also not to allow anything that evolves into a CULT like obsession, but is really potentially life damaging misdirection, to be part of CCN’s on going repertoire of information.  When deep down inside, I know better, I simply will not be party to any further such malevolence.  This is in no way an attempt to hinder FREE & INDEPENDENT MEDIA, rather, it is being responsible towards those who have come to support our network, for we are all on this journey together, and why oh why would I send my fellow brothers and sisters down a dead end when we are already metaphorically lost in a dark forest.

I have included this clip below to demonstrate this point.


It has never been more important to maintain these independent sources of information, as now more than ever, people are looking to us to give clarity to the confusion, but we must also exercise discernment in identifying what distracts and what further confuses. We welcome all sorts of different perspectives from those who are actively on this journey of seeking a fair, just, peaceful, sustainable world, but always, we must also reserve the right to be brave enough to speak out when come to know distraction.   So for what ever my perspective may be worth to anybody, I have decided to create a montage of what the CCN PRODUCERS have come to learn over the course of 2015.  Wanting to make this a rather light hearted affair, I have decided to air the following broadcasts:


CCN Comedy and Tears Awards on 6 December 2015 @ 9:00PM


CCN will be broadcasting  special show dedicated to it’s broadcasters, in which we revisit some of the finest works of the year, and take a look at what those who are truly making a difference, are doing right.  Join us for the following broadcasts:


CCN 2015 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS on 30 November 2015 @ 9:00PM


Here we are at the turning point of CCN as we refresh our line up and prepare for the 2016 season, and it sure is looking very exciting so far. We have a few spaces left on the network for the beginning of 2016, so if anybody is interested in broadcasting with us, please get in touch.




Peace Love Unity Respect

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