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    We are nearing the end of 2017, and what an epic year this has been for CCN. We have been running a LIVE broadcast network for 3 years, and over this time, we have worked with and come to know some of the most amazing and inspiring people.
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    Having launched CCN on the 1 January 2015, we will be going into our 4th year of operation in 2018.  Running CCN has taken much time and personal sacrifice, but as always, we continue to shine the light of truth into dark places, and this is something that we will never stop doing.

    CCN is a live broadcast network dedicated to the pursuit of a free, fair, just, peaceful, sustainable world.  Since we launched, we have broadcast over 2 800 shows, hosted by broadcasters and guests from all over the world, in multiple languages.

    CCN is viewed in over 145 different countries and CCN covers a plethora of subjects from alternative health and wellbeing solutions, to Alternative Education modalities, to off the grid living and sustainable living, to consciousness and spirituality, and of course, conscious consumerism, to activism and awareness drives regarding some of the atrocities that go ignored by the mainstream media.

    Having relocated CCN’s head quarters in July 2017, our ultimate aim is to develop a conscious, self sustaining community, whilst educating people to develop media that is aimed at education rather than indoctrination.

    The high level of credibility and expertise that CCN has developed in the world of independent media, has resulted in CCN’s Creative Director Mel Ve, being appointed as the International Media Advisor to various organisations in a volunteer capacity.

    CCN is a publicly funded network, and it is up to you all to keep CCN on the air.  Please support independent media by donating to our 2018 funding campaign.