REALITY BITES | UPDATE from CCN Creative Director Mel Ve | 31 March 2019

Mel Ve | CREATIVE DIRECTOR | Conscious Consumer Network

REALITY BITES | UPDATE from CCN Creative Director Mel Ve | 31 March 2019 – The rise of Alternative / Independent Media in the last decade, has facilitated a mass awakening of people to the fact that we are systematically lied to and programmed into believing a false version of reality through religion, education and mainstream media, which is controlled by the Intelligence agencies of the world, which are all in tern controlled by the Roman Cult / Jesuits / Knights / Vatican.

The Powers that Be have long since realised that they are losing the information war, and have gone about creating a counter intelligence movement to curve the effects on Independent Media.  In papers released by Edward Snowden, he clearly discloses the existence of Central Intelligence Agency backed operatives he called J-TRIG, who are working within alternative media in an attempt to reshape the narrative by discrediting and discouraging integrity filled journalistic efforts to reveal the hard and ugly truths.  This is done in a number of ways, including by trolling and harassing real independent media journalists and organisations.  I personally have been subjected to such harassment, which at a certain point became so extreme, to the point of being bullied out of my apartment by neighbours who believed the disinformation being spewed about me by J-TRIG operatives positioned to cause mayhem.

There is a sharp rise in extremist media platforms that are all working towards a dark agenda.  An example of such are Jew hating, black hating, muslim hating white supremacist platforms that have now been labelled as “Alt-right”.  The Alt-Right are a segment of right wing ideologies that are presented as an alternative to both mainstream conservatism and liberalism.  Members of the Alt-Right are paid to discuss all sorts of matters from from Islam to Feminism, to white nationalism.

Being South Africa, I am very well aware that their is a genocide going on against the white people, and that land is being stolen from white South Africans.  There is an all out campaign of genocide against white people in South Africa, and this is in fact the reason I started this website several years ago.  However, a worrying trend has developed, and that is there seems to be a growing number of non South African white supremacists, who are openly racist and anti-Semitic, who have taken to the air waves to fuel the tension in race relations across the world.

In 2016, I was approached by one such person by the name of Sinead Mc Carthy, who invited me to do an interview with her for the white supremacist network known as Renegade Broadcasting.  At the time, I was completely unaware of Sinead’s anti black and anti jew stance, nor was I aware of Renegade Broadcasting, never mind their intolerant tendencies towards blacks, jews and muslims.  I personally have no issue with black people, jews or muslims, having friends of all kinds though out my life.  What I have an issue with is people who cause loss, harm and suffering, and that comes from people of all colours and religions, and is not just limited to a specific demographic.

Sinead tried to entice me to agree with her racist views, but I did not take the bate.  Rather Sinead attacked me viciously during the interview because I refused to hate blacks and jews.  Simple fact is, I am just not a hater, nor will I feed an agenda that promotes such extremist views to the point of inciting racial hatred with inflammatory communications and actions.  This of course got me a load of backlash from the neo nazi supporters of Sinead Mc Carthy, who made comments that I am an insult to the white race.  So not wishing to hate on people because of their skin colour or religion makes me an insult to the white race?  Really?  I could clearly see that there was an extremist agenda designed to fuel hated and conflict playing out with regards to Sinead and Renegade Broadcasting.  In hind sight, this was an extremely educational experience, because it made me distinctly aware that there are people who have taken to the air waves to promote hatred and intolerance.

As time went on, I began to notice that there are distinctive online groups / cults who are forming, united on their common ground of white nationalism.  I am all for the protection of cultural heritage, and I more than anything wish the situation in my home country of South Africa was not so unfavourable to white people, as I would return tomorrow if I were not so afraid of being targeted because of the colour of my skin, but at no point will I become a hater, because I know that only feeds and fuels the dark agenda of the Globalists.  For those who are unfamiliar with this, please read my book THE SOUTH AFRICAN GUIDE TO THE GLOBAL CONSPIRACY book I – Light & Dark.

The issue of racism has always been used as an artificial mechanism of division, and racial conflict is being fuelled even more than ever, thanks to social media and other online platforms.  What we must never forget is that the Powers that Be, want us to fight each other, so that we do not turn our attention on them.  And thus, they skilfully work at creating conflict between different demographic, race and religious groups.  We must never fall into the trap of feeding the dark agenda by hating on somebody just because they are black, jewish, muslim, gay, liberal, conservative, or whatever.  That is what those dark powers who create war and suffering for profit, want us to do… they want us to war with each other, because war is profitable to them.

There are a number of media groups who are meant to be exposing the truth and holding the Powers that Be accountable, yet they are subversively perpetuating the dark agenda for the elites and their puppet governments.  The absolute dishonesty and fraudulence of most corporate / mainstream media is now common knowledge.  An important aspect of one’s awakening into the true nature of our reality, is the first step away from the mainstream narrative, and where they land.  This is a cosmic gauntlet for the newly awakened, filled with cleverly dressed up indy outlets and alternative media groups, that only serve to allow one to feel as if they have found their way clear of the mainstream media lies, but will only serve to spoon feed the most irrelevant and outlandish information, made to look like the most cutting edge truth that one will find no where else.  This is what is known as CONTROLLED OPPOSITION.  The issue with such groups is that they seem like what the newly awakened have been looking for, however, as this is just an extension of the same mainstream media manipulation, these groups will ultimately lead the newly awakened astray.  These groups take on cult like behaviours, complete with ideologies and cult shunnings for anybody daring to question the ideologies of said group, resulting in an online psychosis manifesting in damaging online cults.  This does not mean said cult groups will not drop some truth, even ones that may seem important, but when it comes down to what matters, such groups lead to nothing of actual importance.  The examples of such are too numerous to mention, but I have had first hand experience with, and exposed the Hollie Greig Hoax, OPPT (One Peoples’ Public Trust), Swissindo, Kevin Annett and ITTCS (International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State), Sacha and ITNJ (International Tribunal for Natural Justice), Michael Tellinger and Ubuntu, Ian R Crane, Brian Gerrish and the UK Column…. but to name a few.  These exposes are all online, with full evidence presented.

With a decade behind me, working as an Independent Investigative Journalist moving in the world of Alternative / Independent Media, I have personally encountered many people and media outlets that fall firmly into the category of CONTROLLED OPPOSITION, even if they do not know they are controlled.  Whether or not they are aware, they are secretly serving the powers that be by pumping confusing disinformation into the online stratosphere, or getting people caught up in lost causes / cults, thus distracting them from their purpose / awakening path. I have exposed many of them and provided concrete evidence of my claims, but no matter how obvious it is that a particular person or media platform is operating in a highly unethical / criminal manner, some people are so desperate to cling to their newly found pseudo truths, given to them by their newly found saviours, the so-called gurus of truth, that they attack the exposers for exposing the frauds, instead of recognising them and thanking the exposers, who often spend much time and effort investigating and compiling the evidence pointing out the deceptive  elements, under much abuse and duress from those I am trying to help.  These exposes are done so that I can help awakening people not get sucked up into following more lies and deception, however those who expose the frauds will often be accused of being jealous of the exposed party, or seeking to deliberately cause conflict.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  In fact, it is the drive to seek truth and create a better world that motivates us to call out the scammers, frauds and charlatans that lie to and defraud vulnerable people,.

Over the years, I have done an number of exposes, and for those who have followed along with my journey of discovery, will be well aware, that everything I put forward as my own work, is based on solid research and evidence, all of which is published in the public domain, in order that the public can see it for themselves, and make up their own minds about what to believe.

At no point have I ever set out to shape anybody’s narrative.  I do not seek to be the subject of iconoclastic idolatry, nor do I seek to be a saviour, messiah, celebrity or guru of any kind.  I have several times disbanded my cult following, as I simply cannot respect needy people who disempower themselves by seeking the validation gurus, whilst identifying with said guru’s cult rhetoric.

I personally have always hated being put on a pedestal, and greatly value my privacy… makes me wonder why I have been working in the invasive and often dark world of media for almost two decades.  That being said, I recognise and respect the platform I have, and take great love and care in presenting my documented works, which are only ever intended to help people.  Having a voice of influence to those who appreciate my work, I do not want the karmic responsibility for the decisions that anybody else makes.  I do not wish to convince anybody of anything.  I am nobody’s leader.  I am merely a humble journeyer, making my way through this cosmic gauntlet of challenges, and sharing the experiences of my journey, for what ever that may be worth to anybody.

And thus, there will be, over the course of the next few months, several well documented exposes being put out in order to help deconfuse people.  Over the past 5 years as the Creative Director of Conscious Consumer Network, I have accumulated so much information that I have kept to myself, waiting for the right time to drop it all into the public domain.  For those who follow my work, you may notice that I have not done an expose for some time, and the reason for this is because I began to feel that people did not deserve to know the truth, because they prefer to live a lie, particularly because they get emotionally invested into a particular person / guru / cult ideology / cause, thus creating an external locus of identity heavily shaped  by, and strongly identified with said person / guru / cult ideology / cause.  Having supposedly woken up, and seized upon their new found “truths” like a religion, these misguided people defend these false truths like they would their religious deities, for they lack the strength to admit when they have been deceived yet again, for to do so, would also shake the very foundations of their new found identity… and that is when they get angry, ugly, and hurl abuses at your truly.

This ONLINE PSYCHOSIS is causing major damage, even to some of the most stalwart of Indy Media folk, whilst deliberately misleading others.  Alex Jones has recently been sued by the parents of the children who were murdered during the Sandy Hook shooting, as Alex Jones claimed over and over again, that this shooting was staged.  Alex Jones stated during a deposition that he “almost had like a form of psychosis back in the past where I basically through everything was staged, even though I’m now learning a lot of times things are aren’t staged.  Alex Jones blamed his mental state on “the trauma of the media and the corporations lying so much, then everything begins – you don’t trust anything anymore, kind of like a child whose parents lie to them over and over again, well pretty soon the don’t know what reality is.”

As the Creative Director of Conscious Consumer Network, I have had the dubious pleasure of working with many broadcasters and guests from all over the world, a great many of them, doing amazing work, and it is a privilege to profile them on CCN.  Then there are the ones I would rather soon forget, but cannot, as the time has come for the truth to be revealed.  I have a duty to be honest with those who have supported our various bodies of work over the years.  I simply will not protect these frauds and fakers, as this has been to my own detriment in the past.  Our only salvation is in the recognition and application of truth.… And thus, I ask in advance for forgiveness, if anything I say may offend anybody’s pseudo version of reality.  I do what I do from a place of love, intending only to offer clarity to an otherwise confusing online media world.

Peace Love Unity Respect

Mel Ve | CREATIVE DIRECTOR | Conscious Consumer Network





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