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Join Ethann Fox this Saturday for another episode of Awake And Empowered TV. Ethann will be joined by Quantum Physicist and Intuitive Channel Marina Jacobi. Marina and Ethann discuss the nature of the Holograpic Universe, Parallel Realities, Law of Attraction and Manifestation, Past and Parallel Lives, Soulmates, and other fascinating topics. With a scientific background, and assistance from extradimensional beings, Marina is also able to channel complex mathematical formulas and structures to be translated into devices to assist in healing the human body, teleportation, dimensional travel, and more. We will also discuss these incredible inventions during our conversation.

Marina Jacobi

About Marina Jacobi
When Marina was 11 years old, her mom went to a medium and psychic convention. She came back from the convention with a couple of friends who had abilities that Marina couldn’t explain at the time. They performed an energy healing on her, and she almost started to faint, but when all of them surrounded her in a circle and moved their hands in a strange motion, she was immediately fine. Then her mom told her that she could talk to the spirits if she took a pen and tried to write with them. The only instruction to her was to be in a quiet place and let go of her thoughts. Just let the pen go by itself, she said.

In the beginning, her writing was slow, and nothing was happening. To her amazement, after some time Marina saw letters, words and sentences. In time, she was automatically writing with different beings from a different place. If she had a question, she was given suggestions. It was almost like they were always guiding her to be good. She also started to have vivid dreams about relatives which all came true. That was the beginning of her journey in the metaphysical world.

One thing led to another, and in 1993 Marina arrived in America, one of the happiest days of her life. She worked very hard and eventually got married to her loving husband, Robert, with whom she has two boys. Nevertheless, her automatic writing never stopped, and she was channeling with loved ones. They were always telling her to love people, to be kind and forgiving. In the meantime, she had a lot of interest in homeopathic medicine and was reading about physics all the time. she didn’t know why, but she always had an interest in it.

In more recent years, Marina began receiving complex formulas and diagrams on how to construct technological devices to enable human beings to heal themselves, travel to other dimensional realities, and teleportation, among others.

Now Marina shares her unique wisdom, knowledge, and expertise in the public arena at conferences, teleconferences, and lectures. It is her life’s mission to bring these physical inventions to the material reality to benefit the human race and the planet.

You can find out more about Marina Jacobi at: www.marinajacobi.com

AAE TV – Your Holograpic Universe – Marina Jacobi


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As the energy of our planet is shifting and changing, many who are awakening have come to realize their world is quite different than they were taught and had imagined. Societal institutions, religious traditions and mainstream media focus on our physical reality, materialism and other negative aspects of our reality, blocking our spiritual connection to the Divine. To support an emerging shift of consciousness in the world, now more than ever, people are in need of real world tools, and inspiration to cause positive change and support a higher vibration. Awake and Empowered TV is the impetus for raising vibration and increasing awareness of the positive aspects of this transition and where we are headed as a global consciousness.

Join spiritual teacher and host, Ethann Fox every Saturday at 12 p.m. GMT, 7 p.m. EST to create a new view of your world. Explore all of the positive aspects of the evolutionary changes on our planet that are emerging right now, just beneath the surface of mainstream reality. Each week, Ethann brings you the pioneers of our time from around the globe who are on the forefront of the expansion of human consciousness in the areas of technology, health, spirituality and science. You will also discover:

The latest developments in alternative healing, longevity, genetics and wellness;
Emerging technologies in the areas of health, science and free energy;
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Breakthrough research in neuroscience and human psychology; and,
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In addition to the valuable information you will receive, your energy field will be positively changed every time you connect with Ethann on Awake and Empowered TV. Ethann has been gifted with the ability to accept the karma and negative emotional energy from others without any adverse effects to himself. He is able to do this while raising the consciousness of entire groups of individuals at once and there is a measurable cumulative effect. Through experimental events, he has been able to measure permanent increases in consciousness, increases in aura size and improvements in voice profile analysis of participants. Some people even have had dramatic improvements in health, but the most consistent noticeable effect has been a steady increase in their level of happiness and ability to deal with turbulent circumstances in life with greater ease and inner peace. Ethann uses this divine gift to help others to live happier more fulfilling lives and to aid in the transition to a new world consciousness. While listening to this broadcast, you automatically receive the healing benefit of an energy transfer each week. Ethann will also dedicate a portion of the monthly schedule to conducting an energy transfer with live audience participation.

Tune in each week to explore alternative perspectives that will enrich your life journey, increase your happiness and steadily move toward a more fulfilling life experience. Together we inspire each other to build a new community of thought, as we empower ourselves and each other to live at our collective highest potential.

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About Ethann Fox
Ethann Fox is a spiritual teacher, energy healer, the founder of the Flower of Life Center for Human Evolution and the visionary behind the Awake and Empowered Expo. His background in the business and financial markets as a professional trader and business owner is coupled by over 20 years as an accomplished astrologer and numerologist. Walking both the spiritual and business worlds, Ethann’s experience has given him an unconventional view and approach to personal happiness and professional success, melding the two as one.

In late 2010, Ethann experienced a spiritual awakening that changed the course of his life and the Flower of Life was established soon after. Through the understanding of many unusual and profound healing events, and meeting with a gifted aura reader, he has come to understand his true purpose of raising the consciousness of others through his energy field. He now uses this divine gift to help others live a happier and more fulfilling life and aid in the transition to a new world consciousness. Ethann facilitates energy transfers in private and group settings, while inspiring volunteers on a collective mission of furthering awakening through his organization, Flower of Life. His vision manifests in the expression of a variety of projects including his radio show, expo, conscious activism movement, Conscious Youth group and the design of an alternative school for children. Ethann also utilizes his background as the owner of a branding and marketing agency in conjunction with his spiritual gifts and astrology/numerology expertise to assist many lightworkers on the planet to identify their soul’s purpose and express it through mainstream tools and technology. He offers this service on a private consultation basis, combining all aspects of his experience, education, personal history and spiritual awareness.

Ethann’s natural curiosity and logical, left-brained mind-set has gained him a reputation as a genuine yet persistent and respected interviewer. He has a distinct talent for blending the spiritual and physical worlds in a way that gives audiences around the world a better understanding of how to adapt new world tools into their modern reality.

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